Become a Mara Cruiz Retailer

Mara Cruiz creates organic hair care products using plant butters, oils, and botanical extracts that promotes healthy hair growth. We have designed hair solutions for kids hair care, natural hair care, relaxed hair care, dandruff & Itchy scalp and other specific hair needs

Earn your share of this multi-billion dollar beauty industry by enrolling in our Partnership & Entrepreneurship Program.

Retailers Benefits

  • Free Hair Care Education
  • Free Marketing Strategy Training
  • Active distributors will be listed on our website and may get mentions on our social media platforms
  • Enjoy 25% Return on Investment (ROI).
  • You will be fully equipped with our product information so you can advice your clients.
  • All retailers are entitled to free promotional and marketing tools like digital banners, infographics, printed mini catalogues, etc
  • Active retailers that meets a set target will be rewarded.
  • The minimum investment to start up is N100,000 and minimum reorder is N50,000 or its equivalent in� other currencies.


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