Our Story is the Story of True Love…

Early one morning, while bathing her precious little baby, a mother, our founder, realized that the commercial baby products had damaged her daughter’s tender skin leaving dry burnt patches and boils on her scalp. She used her culinary skills to whip up her first Shea Butter and Coconut Oil baby butter. The patches and boils were cleared!

This discovery sparked her imagination to search for other things nature had in stock for us. Her baby’s amazing mop of hair also needs proper care. The kinky nature of her daughter’s hair texture needs to be properly managed.

She began professional learning, formulation and manufacturing of natural, premium alternatives to chemical based hair care products.

Determined to share this true love with the world…MARA CRUIZ ORGANICS was born! She developed products using the best & effective natural ingredients(plant butters, oil a and botanical extracts) with healing and therapeutic properties that your hair will love.

Each drop is filled with deep love for your hair …Like a mother’s love…. Like MARA CRUIZ.

Mara Cruiz Organics is for the conscious family looking to live a healthy lifestyle.

Mara Cruiz Organics is for individuals that want to take care of hair the natural way.

Mara Cruiz Organics is for you!

Let's be a part of your hair story. Get started with us today.

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